FMGT was created by a group of medical professionals with the purpose of offering physicians from around the world further training in the U.S. 

The founders of this program know what it is to be in your shoes, for they were an “FMG” once. The transition to becoming a successful physician practicing medicine in the U.S. is not easy, but it is not impossible.

FMGT wants to share with you it’s network of recognized physicians with impeccable career in U.S. healthcare system. Having U.S. clinical experience not only increases the number of residency programs that you can apply to, but also places you ahead of other applicants who do not have the experience.

The emblematic Phoenix (Fenix) represents your new life as you go through this transition.  It’s a symbol of strenght, immortality and reborn of the body, mind and spirit.

FMGT and it’s allied healthcare professionals look forward to provide you with the best learning experience in the medical field.